De Cocksdorp Texel

It has been some time since I've posted a dx blog. I am currently sitting at the lighthouse at De Cocksdorp on Texel, an island off the Netherlands coast. We are here for a week. My wife's aunt and uncle have the bed and breakfast here and while they are in Portugal they asked us if we would like to house sit. In a dx sense I thought Wow.. being on the corner of the Waddenzee and North Sea, it would throw up some nice dx.
It has been a mixed bag. I started the first few nights with an ALA antenna, but in such a place you want something with a little bit more grunt. So I have been able to get at least 200m of wire out towards Nth America. Its far from perfect but its something and there have been plenty of signals from Canada, USA and Central America. The main problem I have discovered here on the island is wind. You get the old corkscrew effect. Not always but it depends on which way the wind is blowing.
I have the Perseus and am using the excellent Jaguar software for Medium…

26 May logs

Long time coming. Dx must have been very localized because last week as everyone was getting Turkey I could not hear a peep. Yet today I was hearing stuff while others couldn't. Interesting. Lots of nice PI codes. Also a very short but intense OIRT opening.

Bit of an opening to mainly Istanbul this afternoon. 
2016-05-22 87.50    1501       TUR        Damla FM - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 3D00. 2240km 87.80    1501       TUR        Diyanet Kuran Radyo, Canakkale/Radar Tepe (mam-can) PI logged: 3220. 2149km 88.00    1512       TUR        Radyo 34 - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 358E. 2240km 88.80    1503       TUR        Burc FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 322C. 2240km 89.60    1507       TUR        Anadolunun Sesi, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist). PI logged: 3463. 2240km 90.80    1503       TUR        Süper FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 322E. 2240km 92.20    1503       TUR        Radyo Gözde - Yalova, Yalova/Bayrak Tepe (mam…

14 May 2016 logs

A few OIRT openings today

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
65.76 0640 RUS Rossiya 1, Velikiy Novgorod/Proletariy (NO) 1861km
66.05 0651 RUS Radio Rossii, Pskov/ORTPC (PS) 649km
66.32 1010 BLR BR Pershy Kanal, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR) 1480km
67.10 1010 BLR BR Kanal Kultura, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR)1480km
67.13 1001 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev'yanka, 1a (KA) 2225km
67.34 0652 RUS Radio Rossii, Gdov/Trutnevo (PS) 1653km
67.37 1014 BLR BR Pershy Kanal, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1771km
67.67 0653 RUS Radio Rossii, Kingisepp/RTPS (LE) 1712km
67.88 1010 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR) 1480km
67.91 1001 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin', Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev'yanka, 1a (KA) 2225km
68.30 1017 BLR BR Kanal Kultura, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1771km
69.02 0617 RUS Radio Rossii, Borovichi/RTPTS (NO) 1987km
69.11 1010 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1771km
69.20 1001 UKR Svitle radio Emmanuyil, Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev'yanka, 1a (KA)…

5 May 2016 logs

A short sharp opening to Spain and Portugal around 1130-1230 UTC

MHz    UTC    ITU    Program + Location    Details    Remarks    km
87.70    1200    E    Europa FM, Chinchilla de Monte Aragón (CAM-AB) PI: E2ED 1533km
87.90    1200    E    Cadena 100, Pamplona=Iruña/El Perdón (NAV-NA) PI: E2CE 1130km
88.10    1200    E    esRadio, Soria/Cerro de Santa Ana (CAL-SO) 1254km
88.20    1200    E    RNE Radio Nacional, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M) PI: E211 1429km
88.30    1200    E    COPE, Santomera/Cabezos Ásperos (MUR-MU) PI: A21F 1606km
88.80    1205    E    RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias, Ciudad Real/La Atalaya (CAM-CR) E215 1581km
89.10    1201    E    Bay Radio, Torrevieja (VAL-A) 1612km
93.20    1200    E    RNE Radio 3, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M) PI: E213 1429km
94.40    1205    E    SER, Alcorcón (MAD-M)         PI logged: E039 1442km
94.50    1200    E    RNE Radio 3, Teruel/La Muela (ARA-TE) 1365km

It's a shame I missed a significant part of it due to recording issues. All sorted now.

3 May 2016 Logs

Just a short OIRT opening today. Very brief with a few signals from BLR. Heard with the AIRspy and SDR Sharp software. Antenna due East

66.02 1043 BR Radio Mahilyow, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les MA 1688km

68.96 1054 BR Kanal Kultura, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les (MA) 1688km

67.22 1057 BR Pershy Kanal, Smetanichi (Smyataničy)/RTPS (GO) (1645km

I certainly miss my old log periodic which was a fine performer. I used to have it at 45 degrees when I lived at Myrtleford in Victoria's North East. (Australia) Seen here in 2003.

The past few days here in The Hague I've been familiarizing myself with the ability of the new location of the Fuba Yagi. Sadly no Sporadic E yet but the Tropo or semi-tropo is bringing in a lot more German stations than I've had in the past. I'd expect that though.

Here are a few non-startling logs.

325km89.71508DWDR3Munsternrw210km92.41530DNDR 1 Niedersachsen WestOsnabrück/Schleptruper Eggends268km94.41622DNDR KulturSteinkimmennds302km97.01644DWDR3 TeutoburgerWald/Bielsteinnrw31099.21705DWDR 2 Rhein-RuhrLangenberg / Hordtberg nrw21099.71712DWDR 5Kleve/Bresserbergnrw128104.31743DAntenne Niedersachsen OsnabrückLingen-Damaschkends215104.31743DHR4Sackpfeife (Biedenkopf)hes318104.91807DAntenne Niedersachsen Ostfriesland/KüsteAurich nds26788.01834D…
Yes it has taken some time. 4 years to be exact, but finally I have the FM antenna up on the roof. 
The past few days have been interesting as we have had gales over 100kph and lightning strikes around. But all appears okay. The Tropo is certainly interesting. Well mild tropo that is. I cannot wait for a big opening of Tropo and E's.
Here is a bandscan from this location. Its over the past 12 months and reflects a lot of what I have achieved prior to getting this Fuba Yagi up onto the roof. There is a lot more of the band to explore from the various directions.

Kenwood KT 6040, RTL Dongle - Antenna: Fuba Yagi. (Horizontal) Dipole for OIRT Conrad RDS Manager.MHzITUProgramLocationRegkWPolkmORDS65.93UKRUR 1 Persha Prog. Sumy (Govorit' Sumy)Shostka/SFKRRT, vul. Korotchenka, 88SU17h198766.02BLRBR Radio MahilyowBobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny LesMA4h168866.02RUSRadio Rossii GTRK YantarKaliningrad/RTPTSKA17h111266.05RUSRadio Rossii GTRK PskovPskov/ORTPTSPS17h164966.08BLRBR Kanal Kultu…