De Cocksdorp Texel

It has been some time since I've posted a dx blog. I am currently sitting at the lighthouse at De Cocksdorp on Texel, an island off the Netherlands coast. We are here for a week. My wife's aunt and uncle have the bed and breakfast here and while they are in Portugal they asked us if we would like to house sit. In a dx sense I thought Wow.. being on the corner of the Waddenzee and North Sea, it would throw up some nice dx.

It has been a mixed bag. I started the first few nights with an ALA antenna, but in such a place you want something with a little bit more grunt. So I have been able to get at least 200m of wire out towards Nth America. Its far from perfect but its something and there have been plenty of signals from Canada, USA and Central America. The main problem I have discovered here on the island is wind. You get the old corkscrew effect. Not always but it depends on which way the wind is blowing.

I have the Perseus and am using the excellent Jaguar software for Mediumwave.

Here are a few Clips I am making along the way.

Here is an ongoing bandscan that I am updating as I go along. A few locals are thrown in here mainly because they are low powered/harder to hear or are a personal first. This is being updated every few days as of 22 Aug. 2017


549.00IRLSpirit RadioCarrickroeMN25792
549.00UKRUR 1 Persha Prog.Mykolaiv/LuchMY7202064

590.00CANVOCMSaint John'sNL204023
600.00CANCBNA CBC Radio 1Saint AnthonyNL103995
620.00CANCKCMGrand FallsNL104126
640.00CANCBN CBC Radio 1Saint John'sNL104023

666.00GBBC Radio York BBC YorkshireFulfordEN-NYK0.5401
670.00VENYVLL Radio RumbosCaracasdcf1007870
680.00CANCFTR 680 NewsToronto/GrimsbyON505985
702.00IRNIRIB WSKiashahrgln5003860
720.00PORAntena 1Mirandela/Carvalhaisbgc101578
730.00CANCKAC Radio CirculationMontreal/Pointe-CalumetQC505479
747.00HOLRadio SeagullHarlingenfri0.137
750.00CANCBGY CBC Radio 1Bonavista BayNL104023
750.00VENYVKS RCR 750 Radio CaracasCaracasdcf1007872
756.00GBBC Radio 4Redruth/Lanner HillEN-CNW2767
756.00GBBC Radio Cumbria BBC North East & CumbriaCarlisle/BriscoEN-CUM1541
765.00GBBC Essex East EnglandChelmsford/Baker's WoodEN-ESX0.5343
765.00GBBC Essex East EnglandChelmsford/Baker's WoodEN-ESX0.5343
765.00IRNIRIB Radio Iran/IRIB WSChah Baharsib12005505
774.00GBBC Radio Kent BBC SoutheastLittlebourneEN-KNT0.7328
774.00ERNE Radio Nacional País VascoSan Sebastian/Biribilondo-ZubietaPVA-SS501216
774.00GBBC Radio Leeds/BBC Asian Network BBC YorkshireNew FarnleyEN-WYK0.5434
790.00USAWAXYSouth MiamiFL57453
800.00CANVOWRSaint John'sNL104020
800.00BESPJB Trans World RadioKralendijkbnr1007812
820.00USAWBAPFort WorthTX507890
820.00CANCHAM Funny 820HamiltonON106002
840.00RUSKR (Beacon)Kaliningrad/KhrabovoKA0.11050
850.00VENYVZC Radio Fe y AlegriaMaracaibozul108160
850.00USAWEEIBoston/Starr RidgeMA505542
860.00CANCJBC Ici Radio-Canada PremičreToronto/MeadowvaleON505970
880.00USAWCBSNew York/High IslandNY505804
930.00CANCJYQ KIXX CountrySaint John'sNL254023
930.00CANCFBC Country Favorites 93Saint JohnNB505013
1 010.00USAWINSNew York/Lyndhurst [NJ]NY505828
1 010.00CANCFRB Newstalk 1010Toronto/OakvilleON505964
1 020.00USAKDKAPittsburgh/Allison Park (KDKA Drive)PA506207
1 107.00GMFR 2Tarbat Ness (Inverness)SC-HIL1.5750
1 130.00USAWBBRNew York/Carlstadt [NJ]NY505823
1 134.00IRNIRIB Radio TabrizKaleybar=Kalibareaz503560
1 140.00CANCBI CBC Radio 1SydneyNS104587
1 140.00USAWQBAMiamiFL507442
1 161.00GViking 2Goxhill/Neatgangs LaneEN-LIN0.35348
1 161.00GTay 2Dundee/Greenside ScalpSC-DDC1.4616
1 170.00GTFM 2Stockton-on-TeesEN-DUR0.32436
1 180.00CUBRadio RebeldeGuanabacoa/CTOM1ch507786
1 200.00CANCFGO TSN 1200OttawaON505608
1 260.00GBBC Radio York BBC YorkshireScarborough/Row BowEN-NYK0.1369
1 350.00II AM Radiounknown (Lombardia)0.5900
1 390.00USAWEGPPresque IsleME255040
1 400.00CANCBG CBC Radio 1GanderNL44063
1 450.00USAWPGGAtlantic CityNJ15956
1 470.00USAWLAM r:WLVPLewistonME55352
1 476.00IRNIRIB Radio KordestanMarivan=Meriwankdn203753
1 500.00USAWFEDWashingtonDC506145
1 510.00USAWMEXBoston (Waverley)MA505530
1 520.00USAWWKBBuffaloNY505972
1 530.00STPVoice of AmericaPinheira/Ponta Praiaosao6005883
1 530.00GPulse 2Huddersfield/Vicars LotEN-WYK0.74450
1 530.00ROUSRR Radio Romania Actualita iRadau iSV151595
1 540.00USAWDCDAlbanyNY505671
1 540.00CANCHINToronto IslandON505941
1 548.00GHallam 2Sheffield/Skew HillEN-SYK0.74424
1 548.00GCity TalkLiverpool/BebingtonEN-MER1521
1 548.00GForth 2Edinburgh/ColinswellSC-FIF2.2612
1 550.00USAWNTNNewtonMA105535
1 560.00USAWFMENew York/QueensNY505823
1 566.00GBBC Somerset BBC WestTauntonEN-SOM0.63593
1 566.00HOLVahon Hindustani RadioDen Haag/Leidschenveenzho1129
1 566.00GPremier Christian RadioGuildford/PeasmarshEN-SUR0.8431
1 566.00GPremier Christian RadioGuildford/PeasmarshEN-SUR0.8431
1 570.00CANCJLV Radio Mieux-ĘtreLavalQC105470
1 575.00UAERadio FardaAl-Dhabbayaabd8005217
1 580.00CANCKDOOshawaON105885
1 584.00GPanjab RadioNorth East London/Lea Bridge RoadEN-GTL0.2378
1 584.00GBBC Radio Hereford & Worcester BBC West MidlandsWooffertonEN-SHP0.5518
1 602.00HOLKBC Radio/Radio SeagullHarlingen/Pietersbierumfri141
1 610.00CANCHHA Voces LatinasTorontoON6.255937
1 630.00USAWRDWAugustaGA106895
1 640.00USAWTNIBiloxi (Gulfport)MS107575
1 650.00USAWHKTPortsmouthVA106271
1 650.00CANCINAMississaugaON55955
1 650.00CANCJRS Radio ShalomMontrealQC15462
1 660.00PTRWGIT Faro de SantidadCanóvanasPR107107
1 660.00USAWWRUJersey City/Carlstadt (D)NJ105824
1 660.00USAWCNZMarco IslandFL107497
1 660.00USAWWRUJersey City/Carlstadt (N)NJ105824
1 670.00CANCJEU Radio JeunesseGatineauQC15583
1 670.00USAWMGEDry BranchGA107053
1 690.00CANCHTOToronto/ScarboroughON35930
1 690.00USAWPTXLexington ParkMD106173
1 690.00CANCJLO Underground RadioMontrealQC15464
1 700.00USAWRCRSpring ValleyNY15800

200m longwire to USA - North Sea

Perseus and floor and PC running Jaguar (MW software)


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